Most of photo sessions last about an hour (depending on the weather and the kids). We can take a break if needed, so feel free to bring snacks, water and extra layers of clothes.  If you have something that is important to you and would like to include it in the photographs, like an instrument, an iguana pet or a Frisbee, bring it along.




Dress in a way that makes you feel good, that is comfortable and reflects who you are. It is a good idea to coordinate the colors between family members in a subtle way, so they naturally go together. Solid colors usually work better, the dark ones giving a slimming effect, and light ones – broadening. Things to avoid are logos, busy patterns and loud colors. But if Seahawks are really important to you, go ahead and wear your favorite blue and green hoodie.




The session fee of $100 is due when you book the session, and is the fee charged for creating the images. It does not include products or digital files. About a week after the session, we will schedule a time for you to select your favorite photographs and purchase beautiful products that speak to you. You can choose from high quality wall art pieces, silk prints and custom albums.