Hi, I’m Marta! I’m a children and family photographer based in Seattle, WA, and there is nothing that I love more than capturing authentic photographs of people, especially children, and their relationship with family members. I am lucky to have a little person of my own to walk alongside, and I love to share my quiet adventures with her. Both me and my daughter are avid readers (any Harry Potter fans out there?) and we enjoy making stuff: drawings, stories, pictures, games, websites - you name it.

In my photographic work, I am attracted to capturing people as they are in a given moment in time. It is particularly important when I photograph children, who are changing at a rapid pace, becoming their own person and growing in unexpected ways. I am compelled by inner life of older children, who start to reflect on issues and life questions that build them as adults. Observing my own daughter and remembering myself at her age, I am interested in showing children not only in their joyful and carefree times, but also in moments of reflection or seriousness, in order to express the wholeness of their developing personalities and life experiences. 

We both know that your iPhone is full of pictures, and that it is not about a precious snapshot. Maybe you need a heartfelt and playful piece of wall art to celebrate those you love the most, or maybe you are looking for a soulful, genuine and timeless treasure of these fragile moments with your little ones. After all, you’re the one taking photos most of the time, you are usually not in them. My hope is I can craft natural portraits that reflect your family in an authentic way and become treasured expressions of this beautiful and unique connection.